Standars Geotechnical drilling usually involved some insitu tests while drilling such as Standard Penetration Test, Pressure Meter Test and Field Vane Shear Test. Some disturbed and undisturbed sample are also taken for laboratory analysis. To assure that undisturbed sample can be retrieved in high quality, we are utilizing the proper tools for the specific soil behavior based on their consistency:

  • Osterberg (GUS) fixed piston sampler for undisturbed sampling in very soft-soft of sandy soil to obtain Class 1 quality sample referring to BS-5930 and EN ISO 22375-1 Part 6 2009 Standard. This hydraulic fixed piston type sampler can be done using a single rod resulting fast and reliable sample.
  • Mazier core barrel system for undisturbed sampling in soft-hard soils. Especially when alternating consistency of layers are encountered
  • Triple core barrel system for rock formations.

We are also able and having intensive experiences to conduct Cone Penetration Test with/without Pore Pressure measuerment. We have developed some CPT Rigs having various driving capacity of 2.5 - 20 tons. There are 3 type of CPT rigs developed:

  • Light weight (wheel) CPT rig.
  • Skid mounted CPT rig that also have capability to drill.
  • Crawler mounted CPT rig that also have capability to drill.
  • Truck mounted CPT rig.


Taka hydrocore owns and operates geotechnical drilling rigs which complete with heave compensated system which can be set u onto vessels of opportunity anywhere. The drill rigs use standard 5.5" API drill pipe and have a capability to drill to 250m or other type of drill pipes. Wireline tools are available for deployment inside the drill pipe to perform Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and to recover undisturbed samples. The drilling system also incorporates a coring facility enableing core recovery of soil and rock. The wireline system can also be used to raise and lower downhole geophysical logging tools.


To Bring and extend our capability to condut exploratory and geotechnical drilling survey over the water we build wooden staging or wooden platform for shallow deep water down to maximum 3-4 m water depth. We olso developed Modular Pontoon system to allow drilling and getechnical survey to be conducted deeper down to maximum 25 m. CPT/U on the pontoon conducted using downhole CPT system.

We are developing the possibility to use jack up rig to allow drilling and geotechnical survey to be conducted deeper and also getting more reliable result.