• Dedicated Geotechnical Vessel: MV AG Geodrill:
  • Navigation System: GPS (primary, secondary, tertiary), Gyrocompas, Echosounder.
  • 4 point Mooring System to stabilize vessel position
  • 4 Spud Legs available: to avoid anchoring work in tidal affected area
  • TH25M heave compensated drill rig.
  • Drill derrick built over a moonpool
  • Heave compensated drill string assembly
  • Seabed Frame (SBF) (provided with a pipe clamp), handled with tensioned lifting wires
  • Accommodations for max. 38 person
  • Medical Clinic room
  • Onboard Soil Laboratory including Storage
  • Safety Equipment

th25 m drll RIG specification and capability


  • Primary Power Pack: 500 KW Electrical HPU
  • Passive Heave Compensator: HP air over water based oil inline system with 3 m stroke, mechanical lock for safe tripping and handling pipe
  • Power Swivel: Eurodrill CH3200 with p=280 bar, max. torque 15100 Nm, 900 RPM, hollow ID (bore) 135 mm.
  • Man riding Rooster Box style working Platform to facilitate deployment of wireline tools through the power swivel
  • Derrick: Total height 18 m with SWL 25 ton.
  • Drilling Pipe: 450m – 5.5” with 6m length API Pipe and 7” dia. Colar Pipe.
  • Seabed Frame: 11 ton with 6” guide tube equipped with hydraulic clamp
  • Hydraulic Winch: Draw Work: 1 ton; Wireline Winch: 6 ton; SBF: 15 ton.
  • MK TEE 165 Pumps Petrodrill (mud pump), capacity 522.4 ltr/min (138gpm) @ 120.1 bar (1742 psi),
  • Mud Tanks with two compartments storage tank bentonites / guar gum seawater miscible

  • Downhole configuration (Sampling and In-situ /PCPT)
  • Sampling using wireline WIP Piston, Push, Hammer samplers with its BHA
  • Rock coring using wireline triple core barrel HQ3.
  • Downhole wireline AP Van Den Berg Wison CPT System with 5 ton (3m stroke) or 10 ton (1m stroke) capacity tests,
  • Suspension P-S Velocity Logging using PS Logger Probe.