CPT Wison

On April 10, 2018, PT Taka Hydrocore Indonesia purchased 1 unit of CPT WISON, for use in the Saka project. A.p.Van den Berg provides WISON-APB wireline system with a didecated or multi-tooling (allowing third-party tools) BHA.

CPT WISON is one of the widely used offshore CPT systems. WISON stands for Wire line Sounding. CPT WISON is a downhole cone penetration system allowing performing testing at any required depth in the pre-drilled borehole. Nowadays system is available in a wide range of modifications capable of testing at different water depth conditions, rating down to 3000 m. WISON-APB CLASSIC. System is capable of testing and sampling down to the 500 m depth (water+soil). Works with drill string minimum diameter of 4’’ (101.6 mm) and drill tower clearance of 11 m. System’s electric winch is self-tensioning for heave compensation.

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